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Abrasives & Brushes

Discs, brushes, and grinders all serve the purpose of making objects smoother or removing materials from otherwise smooth surfaces. Small businesses engaged in the fabrication of parts or restoration of materials are likely to benefit from regular use of these tools. Office-based companies can use the tools to grind down sharp corners to protect customers and employees alike.

Grind Away Unwanted Material
Sanding discs and grinders let you quickly grind away excess material on different items. These power tools and accessories remove the need for excessive or repetitive motion.

Smooth Coarse Surfaces
Wire brushes and grinders are also excellent at smoothing rough areas. For even greater precision, check out steel wool pads or strips.

Strip Away Rust
Rust builds up easily on parts exposed to the weather. These abrasion products quickly strip away rust to leave behind only the bare metal.


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