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Steel wool can be used to make basic repairs around the office. A variety of different grains allows the material to be used for different purposes. The pieces are usually far less expensive than sanders or other tools commonly used for the same purpose.

Remove Rust
Steel wool lets you tackle rust removal with minimum difficulty. Easily grind away stuck-on materials.

Smooth Edges
The material lets you smooth sharp corners that can pose a physical hazard to employees or customers. For even more grinding power in handheld form, check out coated sheet abrasives.

Save Space
Steel wool containers are very compact, so you can keep a variety of grits and sizes around the office even if you don't have much space. Keeping a set on hand ensures that you're ready when you spot damaged areas or sharp corners that need to be touched up.
GMT 117006 Steel Wool Hand Pad, #3 (Coarse)
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GMT 117006 Steel Wool Hand Pad, #3 (Coarse)
Item #197253
Model #598-117006
  • Material: Steel wool
  • Color: Steel gray
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