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Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 4" x 4", Miami Collection, Lined, 6 Pads/Pack (675-6SSMIA)

$11.99 6/Pack

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  • Post-it® Super Sticky Notes in the Miami Collection are perfect for messages on monitors, doors, walls or other vertical surfaces
  • 4" x 4" Miami Collection Notes with Post-it® Super Sticky Adhesive
  • 6 pads per pack, each with 90 sheets

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Schoolwork and office work are similar in a lot of ways, so it isn't surprising that both require many of the same tools. School supplies equip workers and students alike with the pens, pencils, 2017 calendars, organizers, and other must-haves they need to succeed in either environment.

School Supplies For Tracking and Time Management
The first step in going to school or work is waking up on time in the morning. To do that, it pays to have a good alarm clock on the nightstand. Analog clocks are a charmingly old-fashioned way to wake up, with the advantage that they don't need batteries and never fail if the power goes out overnight. Digital alarms and clock radios offer a range of tones and music to wake up to, as well as the all-important snooze button. Failing that, many people set the alarms on their cell phones. Backpacks are useful for transporting important books, notes, and folders to and from school, as well as between classes. Organized backpacks help save time by ensuring that your student has everything they need throughout the school day. 

Once the day has started, calendars and day planners help organize the time between get-up and bedtime. Calendars can cover any range of dates, from a single week to an entire school year, and may have space on each date to jot notes and mark appointments. Planners typically offer multiple pages for keeping detailed notes, whether in anticipation of a meeting or class, during the event, or afterward. Large planners may divide pages according to subjects or to projects, which makes quick reference easy. Students can take advantage of our free printable calendars to help stay organized and keep track of important events throughout the year.  

School Supplies For Writing and Drawing
Writing and drawing supplies are essential for almost any project a student or employee has to do. Ballpoint pens lay down a smooth line of ink that looks professional on letters, notes, and assignments. Pencils with a super-fine point serve well for detailed line drawings, while those that wear down a bit suit normal handwriting. Rubber erasers help manage the inevitable little mistakes, and specific erasers for art protect delicate paper media.

Straight edges and rulers help keep math and artwork neat, while adjustable compasses plant a spike in the paper and allow the drawing of almost perfect circles. Crayons, markers, and colored pencils add a splash of color to otherwise bland reports, and they may be necessary to complete some assignments in primary grades all the way up to creative professional work.

Organizing School Supplies
All these supplies have to stay together, and folders are a convenient, portable tool for doing that. Three-ring binders can hold large amounts of lined and graph paper, and they often have pockets for writing implements and other small items. Desk organizers fight clutter in office desks and school lockers by providing molded bins for various-sized supplies. Notepads and notebooks are both excellent for keeping track of material and helping students study for their tests. Scientific calculators and financial calculators help high school students perform complex equations, complete math tests, and are a fundamental component of any school supplies list. 

What Are Some Electronic School Supplies?
Kids going back to school and adults starting a new job both need computers, laptops, and possibly tablets to draft reports and do research. Voice recorders help with taking notes, while digital cameras lend professional quality to photo projects.

What School Supplies Are Just For Kids?
While there's no rule against adults carrying them, character backpacks are mostly for  kids, as are stickers and textbook covers. Adults are more likely to need sticky notes, paperclips, and briefcases or laptop-ready backpacks t

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