Storage & Organization

Make finding and accessing important equipment, accessories and files easy with convenient storage and organization tools. From computer storage cabinets and lab lockers to handy stackable crates and colorful drawers, storage and organization units keep clutter contained.

Versatile Storage Options
When you're storing papers, tools, or supplies, finding storage and organization units that hold everything you need is essential. Units with slide-out drawers make access simple and keep smaller items contained, while doors that close allow you to hide away items you want to keep out of view. Shelving sized to hold media disks, large equipment, or bottles ensures a great fit for your most-used items.

Moveable Units
Rolling casters make moving your storage and organization unit easy. Take a wide array of supplies with you by moving an entire stackable drawer unit down the hall to another classroom or office, or rearrange your workspace by shifting a small organization cabinet from the corner of your office to the closet or under your desk. Computer cabinets with built-in charging stations recharge your devices between uses, and open-frame units let users identify items on each shelf to make access more convenient. Small in-drawer organizers help separate small office accessories into convenient groupings to improve retrieval speed later.

Convenient Security
Lockable drawers and doors on storage and organization units let you secure confidential paperwork or supplies, and you can restrict key access only to certain people in your organization. Sturdy steel storage cabinets and lockers prevent accidental exposure to chemicals or tools that might cause harm to unauthorized or untrained users. Heavy-duty shelving holds up bulky items.