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All-in-One Printers

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Save time and become more productive with all-in-one printers that streamline daily office tasks. These devices combine common functions of printers and scanners, making them the ideal solution for small offices. Choose from a range of brands that offer dependable printing solutions for a variety of personal and professional printing needs.

Comparing Laser and Inkjet All-In-One Printers
An assortment of laser and inkjet models are available to accommodate specific usage needs. Laser devices use powder toner, which doesn’t dry out. This means one toner cartridge can last much longer than an inkjet cartridge. Inkjet devices work with liquid cartridges that yield bold, crisp colors, offering convenient solutions for those who print photos and colorful documents.

Comparing Print Quality Options
Many all-in-one devices produce high-quality text and photo prints. Use dots per inch (dpi) to measure the print quality. Some devices have a resolution as high as 4800 x 2400 dpi, printing 4800 dots per horizontal inch and 2400 dots per vertical inch. Printers with lower resolutions still produce sharp copies. Many models range from 600 x 1200 dpi to 1200 x 2400 dpi. Note that most devices have a different scanning resolution, an important factor for those scanning photos and documents for safekeeping.

Saving Time With a Fast All-In-One Printer
Print speed is an essential purchasing factor, particularly for users who print large documents or have frequent print jobs. Pages per minute indicate a printer’s speed, with many devices having different statistics for black-and-white pages and color pages. Some models yield between 8.5 and 30 black-and-white pages per minute. For color prints, most devices produce between 4.7 and 30 pages per minute.

How Many Pages Can an All-in-One Printer Handle Each Month?
Each model has a set monthly duty cycle that dictates how many pages it can typically produce without errors or jams. Devices with higher monthly duty cycles can accommodate professional printing needs while those with lower duty cycles can satisfy personal printing needs. Many models have a monthly duty cycle of 1,000 to 30,000 pages.

Which All-In-One Printer Features Can Boost Productivity?
Many models create a hands-off printing experience, maximizing productivity and yielding high-quality copies. Automatic duplexing is a feature that prints on both sides of a page without requiring the user to flip sheets. Devices with a large paper capacity don’t require refills as frequently as smaller models, so they’re suitable for busy offices. Offices with extensive copying and scanning needs benefit from automatic document feeders, which process pages without users feeding in sheets.

Which Devices Are Compatible With All-in-One Printers?
Most devices are compatible with both Apple® and Windows® computers, since many brands provide drivers and software for both operating systems. An increasing number of models also support tablets and smartphones. Wireless models can typically connect to phones and tablets on the same Wi-Fi® network. Some models have separate apps that permit users to access additional features when printing from a mobile device. These features are convenient for multi-user offices where multiple people have access to a single device.
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