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Nickel-Plated Steel Safety Pins, 2", 144 Pins/Pack (CHL83200)
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Item #975988
Model #CHL83200
  • Packing: 3/pack
  • Size: 2"
Sharp Tools for Quality Stitching—Find tools for all of your textile projects, including hand and machine sewing, cross-stitch, embroidery, and needlepoint. The large selection of sizes means you can find the right tool for every material, from fine linen to heavyweight denim. Keep tools sharp and safe in a decorative pincushion.
Keep Several Sizes on Hand
Using a needle that is too big for the fabric creates unsightly holes, while a needle that is too small struggles to puncture heavy fabric. Select a variety of needle sizes for both knit and woven fabrics so you always have a spare when one breaks. Add a fresh, sharp needle to your machine at the beginning of every new project to avoid the picks and pulls that result from a dull point.
Pinning for Precision
Your seams come out straighter and less distorted when you pin the fabric together before sewing. Choose small, fine straight pins for lightweight fabric, and select longer pins for thicker seams. Pins with decorative heads are easy to grasp, and they add a touch of fun to your sewing supplies. A large quantity of sturdy safety pins is a must-have for accurately basting a quilt.
Storage, Sharpening, and Safety
Keep your pins and needles in a pincushion at all times to avoid accidental punctures. Pincushions filled with emery materials also sharpen the pins and needles every time you stick them into the holder. Choose a pincushion for every type of pin and needle you use so you can grab the holder and get to work without sorting through different sizes.

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