DJ Equipment & Musical Instruments

It's time to start the party with our selection of DJ equipment & more. From turn tables and DJ mixers to karaoke machines and stage equipment, shop our selection of audio equipment to find everything you need to get the crowd moving.

Karaoke machines for any event

Adding a karaoke machine will make a great addition to any party decor. They are popular at birthday parties, weddings, and many other types of events. With a karaoke machine, you can have hours of fun singing along to your favorite songs. Make sure to pick up an extra microphone when your party-goers want to try a duet!

Turn tables & DJ equipment

Whether you're a professional DJ or just getting started, we have the DJ equipment and turn tables you need to get the crowd moving. DJ mixers are an essential part of any DJ setup. Professional DJs use this equipment for mixing two or more audio sources. You will also need a DJ controller to control the mixers. We have a great selection of DJ equipment and turn tables for you to choose from. Equalizers and mixers are essential tools for any DJ or musician as well. They are used to adjust the levels of different frequencies in an audio signal. These combined tools allow you to create the perfect mix for your audience with your DJ equipment.

Stage equipment

Having the right stage equipment can make all the difference in your performance. Let the audience see you with our selection of multi-level risers for choral concerts and more. Don't forget the music stands, which are essential for any musician or singing group.