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Quality music cases keep your instruments, recording equipment, and other music supplies organized and protected during storage and travel. Soft cases provide a portable alternative for easy lifting, while sturdy hard cases keep instruments safe during rough handling.

Hard music cases provide extra protection through a durable exterior coating. Easy-to-use latches keep cases closed during movement while providing fast access to the case's interior when the contents are needed. Choose from a variety of features to meet your needs, such as waterproof exteriors for extreme weather conditions and adjustable foam linings for a customized fit.

Soft cases provide lightweight protection to allow your instruments or equipment to be stored in a smaller amount of space. Foam padding holds your instrument securely in place during movement, and an assortment of handles and straps make fabric cases easy to carry from your vehicle to the concert hall. Accessory pockets provide extra storage, while heavy-duty zippers and durable nylon shells last for a long time.

Store your music supplies in style with quality leather and wood storage cases. Special detailing, such as hand-laminated wood shells and full-grain leather pouches, help your instrument case stand out from the crowd. For shipping music supplies, consider shipping and rack cases in a variety of shapes and sizes. Multi-instrument storage cases allow several instruments to be stored together for band use or between music lessons.

A spare guitar strap keeps you playing when your strap breaks, becomes worn, or is misplaced. Small accessories pouches hold mouthpieces, mutes, and bows to add protection during travel and to keep them from being misplaced.

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