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Close to 80 percent of adults drink coffee in the morning as a pick-me-up before work. Coffee filter packs offer a convenient and easy method to produce a cup of coffee without waste or grinding beans. A coffee filter pack is a disc-shaped pack with a premeasured amount of coffee inside. These packs fit into most automatic drip coffee machines. Once used, they can go straight into the compost bin for recycling or into the garbage. Staples carries a wide selection of coffee supplies including TASSIMO discs, coffee beans, and K-cups.

Using Coffee Filter Packs for Business or Home
Coffee filter packs are ideal for office and home use. Equip a company break room with filter packs to eliminate messes and to simplify the morning cup of coffee. You can also fill a client or patient coffee bar with large 10 and 12-cup filter packs to reduce time spent refilling the coffee maker throughout the day.

For home use, these packs eliminate the need for a separate filter, which leaves more money to spend on creamers and other additions. In a dorm room, the premeasured packs save time and mess between classes when whipping up a cup to help you keep alert. Using filter packs, you can entertain friends and family or host a morning buffet for employees or guests while keeping the coffee mugs full.

Choosing the Ideal Filter Packs
Coffee freshpacks are available from nearly every popular name brand and in different flavor assortments. Most national brands are available in filter packs. Regular caffeinated blends deliver a needed early morning pick-me-up, while decaf roasts provide a rich, aromatic flavor without the extra jolt of caffeine.

For those who don't care for the taste of coffee or younger children who don't drink coffee, these packs are available in hot chocolate and tea. You can also purchase milk froth packs to create lattes and other specialty drinks directly from your coffeemaker. Staples carries a selection of coffee makers, espresso machines, sweeteners, creamers and cups to help keep a snack bar or kitchen stocked.

What's the Difference Between Pillow Packs and Filter Packs?
The main difference between a filter pack and a pillow pack is the filter. While a filter pack contains a premeasured amount of coffee housed in its own filter, a pillow pack is a premeasured amount of coffee grounds in a package that must be opened and used with a filter. A filter pack is ideal for those on the go, while a pillow pack is just the thing for those who want ground coffee but don't want to grind the beans.

Can You Reuse Coffee Filter Packs?
Most coffee makers are designed to extract the caffeine and full flavor from the beans. Reusing coffee packs is possible if you appreciate the taste of a weaker coffee.

Can You Purchase Coffee Filter Packs in Bulk?
Coffee filter packs are sold in bulk variety packages for use in company coffee bars and break rooms. Variety assortments give employees an array of options that reduce time spent running to external coffee shops. Purchase cases of coffee in packs of 100 or more to last for several weeks to several months depending on the number of employees.