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When choosing a printer, there are several types to pick from. From portable photo printers for those holiday snaps to laser printers for the office, there's a huge selection in stock at Staples. Maximize productivity in a small office with an all-in-one printer to connect to multiple computers, scan, make copies and even handle faxes across a wireless network and make it easy for multiple team members to collaborate. Alternatively, satisfy a growing enterprise with professional printers from reputable brands, such as Epson, Canon, Brother, and HP printers, network or wireless printers, accessories and supplies.

The ideal type of printer and the preferred technology will depend on the volume and type of work, and how often you want to purchase ink.

Inkjet Printers
One of the most versatile printer types available, inkjet printers can produce crisp text documents and rich, detailed photographs and graphics. Inkjet printers at Staples are typically lower priced than laser printers and are often smaller in size. Both their versatility and their size make them an ideal choice for a home office, dorm room or area with limited space. While ink for this type of printer is typically less expensive than toner, cartridges may need to be replaced more often. For a good quality, all-purpose printer, choose an inkjet.

Laser Printers
The first of this type were HP printers that were introduced in 1984. Because of their ability to print quickly with sharp, clear text, they are still popular today. Staples carries laser printers in both color and black-and-white models, and both types use toner rather than ink cartridges. Although toner often costs more than ink, it typically lasts longer and results in lower per-page printing costs. Laser printers are also often faster than their inkjet counterparts. Use a color laser printer for crisp, professional brochures, spreadsheets and flyers, and go with a black-and-white model to handle simple text documents.

All-in-One Printers
Otherwise known as multifunction printers, all in ones are available as both inkjet and laser printers. With printing, copying, scanning and sometimes faxing capabilities, an all-in-one printer takes up less space than three or four separate devices and is often less expensive. This, and the fact that they are available as wireless printers make them an excellent option for small businesses and home offices.

Photo Printers
Designed specifically for photographs, photo printers produce high-quality images that are comparable in quality to those from a professional photo printer - often at a lower cost. Most photo printers at Staples connect directly to digital cameras using a special USB connection called a PictBridge. Many models also accept SD or CompactFlash cards and memory sticks. Some of the best photo printers also include software to edit pictures right from the printer's control panel. These are ideal for hobbyist photographers and businesses that occasionally need to produce premium-quality prints on demand.

Scanners can quickly turn printed images and text into files that you can edit, print and share. Many homes and offices use flatbed scanners, which are common components of all-in-one printers, that scan just about anything. But depending on your requirements, you may need a specialized scanner, such as one with a sheet feeder if you regularly scan one- or two-page documents, or an automatic document feeder if you scan a whole stack of papers while you work on something else. To scan double-sided documents, consider a duplex scanner, or for smaller items such as business cards and receipts or for scanning on the go, look into a portable scanner. Whichever type of scanner you need, Staples has a wide variety to choose from.

3D Printers
A little different than inkjet or laser printers, 3D printers use materials such as resin, plastic or powder to create a 3D print. While this technology isn't new, it has improved over the past few years, and 3D printers are accessible to everyone from product designers to average consumers. Use a 3D printer and watch your designs magically come to life.

Dot Matrix Printers
Typically used to print high-quality documents and forms at maximum speeds, dot matrix printers are often considered deprecated, yet they are still in use today in many businesses. The first dot matrix printer was created by Seiko and Epson for the 1964 Olympics, and you can still find many Epson printers at Staples that use this technology. Dot matrix printers are essential for producing multi-layer forms and carbon copies, making them an ideal choice for many businesses.

Wireless Printers
The ability to be able to share a printer between multiple computers and devices is a handy feature. Although no wired connection is necessary, in order to use a wireless printer each device must have appropriate printer drivers installed. Find many different types of wireless printers available at Staples, including laser, inkjet and all-in-one printers.

Printer Accessories
Of course, printers need accessories and Staples carries a wide range to choose from. Find printer stands, USB cables, paper feeders and trays and maintenance kits as well as various types and sizes of printer paper. You can also easily find your printer ink or toner cartridges by using our Ink and Toner Finder. Just search by cartridge number or by printer model number.

When looking for a new printer or ink and accessories for an existing printer, look no further than Staples. With a broad selection of printers to fit all budgets, it's the ideal choice for great values in printing solutions.

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