Sewing & Needle Arts

Complete Your ProjectsChoose from a large selection of sewing and needle art supplies and accessories. Whether you're working on a blanket, a quilt or another project, crochet hooks, large embroidery needles and a variety of threads, flosses and yarns will help you get the job done.

Choose from a variety of fabrics, threads, and fasteners to create the project you want. If you're looking for inspiration, choose from our large selection of patterns to find the perfect one. You can sew it by hand or choose the sewing machine that's right for your needs. You can also find the right needle for your project, from fine point needles for thin threads and delicate materials to thicker needles that work with heavier materials and threads.

Knitting and Crocheting
Whether you're knitting a special blanket, crocheting lace, or working on another project, get everything you need to complete your creation. Choose from crochet hooks and knitting needles in a variety of sizes, or buy kits of hooks and needles so that you always have the correct size at hand. If you need yarn, get it in the color and texture that makes your project stand out from the rest.

Thread and Embellishments
Embroidery thread can be used for a variety of projects, from traditional needlework such as cross stitch to tying friendship bracelets. You'll find a variety of colors and textures of embroidery thread that will make creating projects easier. When it's time to embellish your project, choose from a wide array of ribbons, bows, buttons, and other accessories that will make your project unique.