Closed Wound Drainage

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Ensure that patients are well cared for after their surgical procedures with a sterile supply of tubing closed wound drainage and wound dressing kits. Pre-cut latex tubing in disposable, easy-to-open pouches makes for quickly applicable, ready to use drainage.

Ready For Use
With all the components kept securely in sterile packages, these wound drainage supplies makes sure that as little handling as possible is necessary. Kept in easy open pouches, there'll be no fumbling with difficult packaging when the time comes to insert tubing or replace bandaging. Tubing can come in pre cut lengths, to ensure that they fit to a needed size with little extra modification needed.

Complete Care
Full kits include necessary additions to drainage care, including gauze pads, dressings, varying sizes of tubing and drainage. Purchasing kits ensures that other necessary parts for post-operative care are always in stock. Designed for different methods of post-surgical wound care, kits are perfect to use for wound suction equipment you already own, and make it easy to keep track of supplies to support those devices. Having multiple options accessible for wound care after surgery can ensure that the drainage you use is most effective for the particular type of wound treated.

Sterile and Disposable
With features such as latex tubing designed for autoclaving procedures, you can be sure that these wound drainage supplies are ready to use without concern for warping or deformation when exposed to heat and pressure. A kit providing antimicrobial gauze and sterile drainage tubing means you get a cleaner dressing and lessened chance of infection for your patients. Once the wound's been treated, all the materials are easily disposed of with other medical wastes, and individual packages within kits can prevent any unused materials from going to waste.

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