Tax Return and Business Supplies

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Get your business office up and running by ordering essential supplies needed to get back to work after the holidays and get ready for tax season. Products range from paper and file folders to desktop tools and business machines. These items help users stay productive whether working from home offices or as part of a commercial enterprise. Browse the wide selection of office supplies at Staples® to find everything crucial to start and run businesses of all sizes. 

Must-Have Basic Supplies for Business Offices
Help employees keep their workspaces organized by providing file folders, binders, and desk organizers. To accommodate multiple filing needs order different types of folders, including classification and hanging files. Collate sheets with fasteners like paper and binder clips and get storage boxes to archive folders. Stationery and mailing supplies are essential office basics needed for business correspondences.

Look for the right furniture to transform an empty floor into a business office. Choose ergonomic task and executive chairs to keep employees comfortable at work. Select different guest seating for a visitors reception area. Along with standard office desks, companies can also choose sit/stand desks for added benefit. For shared workspaces, select space saving furniture like U- and L-shaped desks. To complete furnishings, filing cabinets are the essential office finish for new and established businesses.

Office Supplies for Stress-Free Tax Season
Make tax preparation easier by finding the right supplies to organize and process business records. Sort and file receipts and other business documents with envelopes and folders. Customize filing with colored or labeled envelopes, files, and boxes to identify and retrieve documents. Keep loose sheets secure inside folders and binders with a selection of staples and clips. Businesses that issue electronic receipts, waybills, and invoices may also have to print documents while preparing tax records, so keep the process moving with the right printers, copy paper, and printer ink.

Calculators are also a must-have tool for tax time. A basic calculator will do, but special models offer more. For example, a printing calculator saves time by outputting records of tax calculations. Tax preparation software also saves business owners time and money. They reduce filing errors, identify savings and deductibles, and make it easy to file taxes online.

What Do You Need for the Office Breakroom?
Help employees relax and recharge at work by keeping the breakroom well-stocked. Coffee is a standard office breakroom item, so equip it with the right coffee maker, and don’t forget to include disposable cups and sweetener packets. Consider staff preferences when ordering different roasts and flavors of coffee beans, grounds, and single-serve cups.  Also think about quick meals and snacks to supplement company perks.

What Are the Key Tech Products for Businesses?
The most important business machines are computers, printers, and their accessories. Survey employee preferences and the nature of office tasks to help choose between desktop and laptop computers. Opt for an all-in-one printer when equipping a multi-function office, for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing paper documents. For today’s necessary security, use a crosscut shredder to destroy confidential business documents.

What Supplies Can Help Promote Your Brand?
Introduce a brand to potential clients, partners, investors, and industry watchers by handing out business cards. For trade shows, use promotional materials like banners, flyers, and custom bags and T-shirts. Outdoor signs and decals can also help spread the word about new and expanding businesses.

Ensure your business runs smoothly by stocking essential supplies that help with office organization and tax preparation. Whether you’re opening a new business office or injecting fresh energy into the current one, find the right supplies to improve workflow and employee productivity at Staples.

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