Choose the perfect mode for organizing, tracking, and storing hard-copy materials with the assorted selection of binders and folders. Contracts, records, certificates, licenses, or receipts can be labeled and stored for easy access. Use durable zipper binders for bulkier bundles or sets of papers.

Presentation Folders
Presentations books and multi-pocket folders offer you the options of size and style that lets you choose what best suits presentations to clients or potential buyers. For presentations that require you to provide research papers and background material, use binders with a selection of six to 24 leaves that let you separate your material according to category or in the order you want to discuss it. Handsome durable exteriors protect the documents from excessive handling, coffee spills, and moisture. To create a lasting visual impression, separate your materials by color with versatile portfolio folders.

File Folders
File folders are best for convenient and efficient storage of your important papers and documents. Available in a variety of sizes, types, and paper stock, the selection allows you to choose the perfect file folder for your storage needs. For papers pertaining to shorter projects that will only be stored temporarily, lightweight manila file folders with tabs allow you to save space and effortlessly find any document. For longer-term storage, choose thicker hanging folders to protect items such as contracts or historical records. Select just the right label for a particular folder for quicker access.

Pocket Folders
Pocket folders are ideal for shorter presentations. CD holders in the inner sleeve allow you to offer your clients important background information while covering the major points in your presentation and in the hard copies inserted into the pockets. Pocket folders are also ideal for a neat and professional circulation of white papers or school projects.